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Turkas Gas Springs Ltd. was established in 2003 as a manufacturer of variety of Gas Springs and Bloc-o-Lifts through untiring efforts, has become one of the leading companies in the Gas Spring industry.



Nowadays our products include Adjustable Pressure Gas Springs, Stainless Steel Gas Springs and Traction Gas Springs. We have always adhered to the motto, "manufacture quality and sell quality" and to gain the trust of our customers. Turkas’s high-quality products are fundamental to everyday life as well as to development of the industry.



We have always maintained absolute quality in both domestic and international markets with our ISO 9001 quality certificate, and obliged to international standards for quality management systems. We are eagerly engaged in progress of environment-friendly products.



By our basic management policy, "to contribute to our business partners by supplying products of high achievement, high exactness and high characteristic".


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Turkas Gas Springs
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